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The Italian language

The Italian language is spoken by many people (with at least 63,5 millions native speakers and many more bilingual speakers) in Italy, San Marino, the Vatican State, Switzerland (Ticino and Grigioni), and in several places in Slovenia, Croatia (Istria, Fiume, Dalmatia), Montenegro, Albania (regions next to the sea); but also in Greece, Malta, Monaco, France (in cities and provinces such as Nice, Savoie, Provence), but also outside Europe: in Africa in the former Italian colonies Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia; in South and North America Italian is spoken in several immigrants communities in Brazil (Santa Teresa and Vila Velha), Argentina, Venezuela, United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Uruguay, and smaller communities in India and China.

Italy and its publishing industry

Italy is one of the most populated countries in Europe. It has a population of 61 millions people and is in the top 30 for income per capita. Its publishing market and publishing industry has a long history dating back to the origins of print industry in Europe, it is relatively large and varied, with big publishing groups occupying most spaces in bookstores, and many small publishers.
The publishing industry in Italy is generally noteworthy for good quality in writing (six Nobel prizes), in print, in translation, editing and proofreading.

publishing A Book with Italian companies

The publishing industry in Italy started between the Fifteenth and the Sixteenth century, with typographer and publisher Aldo Manuzio. In that period many other typographers and publishers were active, especially in the Republic of Venice.
Today, large print Italian books are being published by some of the main publishing groups and publishing companies  in Italy are Mondadori group (one of the biggest publishing group in the whole Europe and in the world), Mauri Spagnol, De Agostini (among the top 35 in the world), Feltrinelli, Giunti, Rai-Eri. Another important publisher is Newton Compton.
From these groups some famous international best-sellers of all time have emerged, such as Umberto Eco's and Susanna Tamaro's novels, or the Geronimo Stilton's children's book series.
Then there are thousands of medium-sized and small publishing houses in Italy, some of which are part of the big publishing houses and groups. More than 20,000 people are living today with a publishing job in Italy's publishing companies.
A market share belongs to the self-publishing industry, notably with companies such as Ilmiolibro, the American company Amazon, the Canadian Lulu. Another leading Italian self-publishing companies such as Youcanprint.

publishing a book abroad, in the larger markets: India, China, USA, Japan, France, Germany, Spain and...

"I want to publish my book overseas, in Italy and Europe"...
Are you an established author or a beginner writer and do you want to publish your book abroad, in a foreign language?
Would you like your essay or novel to be published worldwide, reaching a foreign country, like India, China, Usa, Japan, Germany, France, Spain?

Publishing in another country, in another language: Italy

We generally don't publish internationally in these countries, however, did you ever think about publishing it in a different language and country, such as in Italy?
Publishing abroad, in a country like Italy, can increase your probabilities to sell your book rights also in other countries.
For any foreign writer with an interesting project, it is possible to publish in Italy and distribute in the Italian book market, making it available for order internationally.

Publishing in a Foreign language with Bozze rapide literary agency, Italy

Italian publishers and book distributors are quite open to the idea of publishing and selling foreign authors in Italian, especially, but not necessarily, authors of books that have sold well abroad. Generally, foreign authors are considered to sell more than native Italian authors.
In several cases it is much easier to publish in Italy if you first translate your book to italian.
If you want to know how to publish a book abroad, in Italy, in a foreign language such as Italian, here we can offer you some suggestions and services that allow you to reach your goal. We can:

 translate your book (novel, essay, short stories, poems etc.) from English to Italian, edit and proofread it professionally, and get ready for publishing it overseas
         get the job done by your literary agent in Italy: we can be your agents. We can explore for you the best ways of publishing in Italy, the publishers and publishing solutions that best fit your case and can guide you on how to publish a book and sell it in Italy
   get your ebook translated, revised, proofread, published and distributed in the online Italian bookstores, in the lively Italian digital market
     promote your ebook to Italian readers worldwide through online channels such as Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube (with Booktrailer conceived for the Italian public) and many other channels. We can organize specific campaigns to increase the probability of reaching the TOP100s best-sellers lists. Several books we have published have been or are now in the best-selling lists.
  give you tips to avoid mistakes in establishing a literary career in Italy, including self-publishing in Italy.
  help you in selling your book rights and publishing your book in Italy and in the rest of the world.

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