Insert below the number of characters with spaces of the text you wish to edit, without commas or dots (or multiply the number of words by 6,07 and insert the result in the form below):

All the kinds of editing (for texts in Word longer than 30,000 characters with spaces*/5,000 words)
* For texts in PDF the estimate are sent only by email.
NB: we must send you and invoice. Minimum invoice amount: 30 euros.

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From monday to friday, 10:30 AM-1:30 PM (ROME TIME ZONE)

How can I calculate characters with characters of my text?

Multiply the number of words by 6.07, or:
Word, 2007 to current edition
Word until 2003
Open Office

Word versions from 2007 to current edition

1) Open your Word file and wait about one minute (NB: do not select any part of your text, otherwise the character count will be partial)
Digits with spaces in a text

2) Click below on the left, on "Words" (and check the little box below, for a complete count)

Digits with spaces and words in a Word text

3) Now you can insert the number of characters with spaces (without commas or dots), 
in the form  on the top of this page.

Word until 2007

1) open your file;

2) Click on the top, on "File" > then, below, on "Properties" > "Statistics".

3) Prendete nota del numero di caratteri con spazi / spazi inclusi conteggiato. Ora potete inserire quel numero (senza punti), nel modulo in alto, all'inizio di questa pagina.

Open Office

1) open your file;

2) Click on the top, on "Tools" > then on Word count > section "full/whole document".

3) Now you can take note about the number of characters (although it doesn't specify "with spaces") and insert that number (without commas or dots) in the form  on the top of this page.